Jun 8, 2010

Angel Talked to the Lady with the Wild Teen'

A lady came into the store today, almost in tears. "Do you have any horses?" I showed her some of the horse ornaments. She didn't want them as she was "looking for a white horse."
I called out to Angel "Hey hun, do we have any white horses?"
Angel approached and greeted the woman "We've got one or two about."
I left them to it for a minute while I sorted something out back. When I returned the woman was crying a river.
"I told my son he was not to have a party. I told him he's too young to drink and I most certainly wasn't going to have under-age drinking in my home."
Angel was comforting her.
The woman kept sobbing "Why did he disobey me?" she sniffed "They stole everything! My jewellery, our stereo. My son didn't even know half the people that turned up," she groaned "I really loved that horse."

I knew exactly what was happening. Angel had taught me well. This woman didn't really want to buy a horse. All she wanted was someone to talk to.

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