Jun 10, 2010

Baked Before the Boss Comes

I went into work to check my hours for the coming week. Angel and Telly were there. Telly was sitting on the bench behind the counter and Angel was carting a few bags of garbage towards the door. "Hey babe!" she screamed with excitement. I huged her, and finally understood the expression 'Sack of bones.' I followed her to the dumpster out back where she threw the trash. "How've ya been beautiful?" she asked.
"Pretty good, how was your week?"
She sighed "It was ok I guess. Hey, come to my car."
We headed around the corner to a quiet little street. Her beat-up old rust bucket was sitting there. We got in and she lit up a joint which we passed between each other. It was good stuff, I mean really good stuff. I could barely see. I filled her in about my weekend and then remembered why I came. "Oh Angel, I better ask before I forget," I coughed "When am I working next?"
"You're on at four hun. Didn't you know that?"
"Shit!" By this stage I was far too baked to work "What time is it?"
"It's almost three, oh, and Gavin is coming in this afternoon." Gavin is the owner. He owns the many 'Metaphysical Gifts' stores on the West Coast. Damn it, I thought, I am so fired.
"Hey Angel, I'd better go home and get changed."
"You want a ride?"
"Ah, I'm alright, it's just up the next block"
"I'll give you a ride."
She dropped me home. I grabbed a black shirt out of my trunk and threw it on. Fuck Fuck Fuck. I brewed some strong coffee and gulped it down. Shit shit shit. I chomped down some crisps. Fuck fuck fuck. I couldn't think of anyother way I could bring myself back to Earth. It was time to head to work. Oh Christ. Ten minutes. Jesus I'm so fired. I was there. Oh Lord. Angel and Telly were too. Angel was just leaving "It's ok hun, Gavin has been and gone." Thank fuck. I hid out back and 'cleaned up' for a couple of hours. What a day.

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