Jun 12, 2010

Man in the Red Sports Car

A few months ago I was walking home from work when a man in a red sports car pulled up beside me. He wound down the window.
"You got a name?" he said in a thick accent that I couldn't quite pick.
"Excuse me?"
"You got a name?" he repeated
"Oh, I'm Ivy"
"Hey Ivy, you like coffee? You and me, you wanna go get coffee tonight?"
"No thanks" I started to walk away.
He yelled out of the car window "Tomorrow night?"
I lauged audibly "No thanks, but good try."
What a creep.

That same man came into my store this afternoon. I don't think he remembered me but he was still trying it on. "You have pretty hair" he said as I handed him his change. When he left the psychic told me that she had "Got a bad vibe from that guy." I'm not surprised.

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